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Vicar's Book about Prayers and Fasts of Syrian Orthodox Church Published
Last week Lit Publications in Münster, Germany,published the doctoral thesis of Fr. Dr. Biji Chirathilattu, the vicar of our St. Mary's Congregation in Vienna, under the title "Prayers and Fasts according to Bar Ebroyo, A study on the prayers and fasts of the oriental churches". In his book, Fr.Dr. Biji goes beyond the age-old spiritual practises of his church based on the teachings of its canon giver Bar Ebroyo and delineates the formative influences as well as the present day significance of those teachings. It is a pioneering attempt to develop a theology of prayers and fasts from the oriental perspective. Almost all the pertinent questions regarding our prayers and fasts like why do we pray, how should we pray, rules and guid! elines for prayers, the efficacy and norms of the fasts, the history of the fasts, the present day significance of the prayers and fasts etc. are scholarly studied by the author. This book will be an enrichment to every Syrian Orthodox chruch believer.

Pages 153, Price 24.90 Euro. ISBN 3-8258-6795-1.
Only limited copies available. For copies contact

Fr.Dr.Biji Chirathilattu Markose,
Vicar, St.Mary's Syrian Orthodox Congregation Vienna,
Hippgasse 25/2,A-1160 Wien, Austria.
Mobile: 06991-2741799;
Email: bijiachan@hotmail.com

The Lit Publications:
Lit Verlag, Grindelberg 15a,
20144 Hamburg,
Tel.0049-40- 446! 446,
Fax 0049-40-441422.
Email: hamburg@lit-verlag.de .

For ordering through the internet

The book will be distributed in the North America by
Transaction Publishers,
Rutgers University, 35 Berrue Circle,
Piscataway, NJ 08854, USA.
Tel (732) 445-2280,
Fax (732) 445-3138,
toll free No for orders in the US (888) 999-6778.


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